Tuesday, June 4, 2019

BBC, Blimp & phallic symbols

I guess I need to step back the BBC is not the worst that I have seen, since writing this I have seen the grass carving it is a disgrace. Sadiq Khan comments are appalling. I can hardly recognise my country. How did we let these people into power, we really were asleep at the wheel.

Oh, BBC! Will you not stop until the lights go out? Your bias has become tedious to say the least. We, the captive public not only have to pay to listen to your current affairs broadcasts biased as they are. We have now to watch drama series that has been re-adapted to portray Brexit Britain through the eyes of Hercule Poirot. For what, to wrongly accuse your very licence payer of Great Britain as a racist, the UK a racist enclave. So how BBC do you portray Le Pen of France or Salvini's Italy, or even Victor Orban's Hungary? For Brexit Britain has more in common with these supporters of their electorate than the fake destructive news that you portray.

Whichever side of the divide you sit, Brexit or Remain, the events in our politics, on our news bulletins, it must be sad to watch. The BBC take our money and embarrass our country. Whatever you think of Donald Trump he is the elected President of the United States of America, to insult him is to insult his electorate, really is that what we want to do? Is this the level the great British people want to appear to be operating at? Brexit doesn't make me ashamed, it's the way our institutions behave that make me ashamed.

BBC Anti Brexit Bias Drops Into Drama

The British public are not so stupid and you are no longer the sole source of news, albeit in the style of Lord Haw Haw Propaganda. I travel the world I used to be disappointed to hear people from other countries discuss the untrustworthy BBC, how it is no longer reliable, I am as disappointed as they.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Establishment lies just keep rolling on in the hope we are too stupid to know.

The duplicity of the UK Government

Again they do it, the system, the governing self-serving elites plaster the screens with propaganda in reference to British Steel. They blame the demise of British steel and all the country’s ills on the Brexit party, by doing this they rely on us being too stupid to see through it.

Since 1973 we have been conned this was a well plan effort to destroy British Industry as well as our fishing industry. Here is an article first published in the Sunday Telegraph 14th January 2001 author Christopher Booker:

It was agreed right from the top [ranks of government] that we should not waste ‘limited negotiating capital’ on trying to save Britain’s fishing industry and fishing waters, because they were viewed as a sacrifice worth making in exchange for the supposed wider benefits that Britain’s membership would bring. Yet as a Scottish Office memo put it on November 9, 1970, it was vital not to get drawn into explanations of what was going on or to admit what a disaster was in store for Britain’s fishermen. The harsh truth was, the memo admitted, that ‘in the wider UK context, they must be regarded as expendable’.
I am not going to dwell too much on each part of this blog as today is a significant day and one I hope will damage the Bilderberg plan of the 3 pillars of the world. For us folk to survive we have to vote out of the EU, 

Engineering ‘… the kind of country that Britain has become: a country that has lost faith in its ability to design, make and build useful things, a country where the few who do still have that ability are underpaid, unrecognised, and unadmired.’ —JAMES MEEK, Private Island

All around us we see what? For sure, we see little in the way of industry. As I referred in my blog imbalances in our ability to sustain our island: “The UK Government have failed to invest in our Economy since Major”.
Indeed, the BBC described the ineptitude of our ministers beautifully in the series “Yes Minister” 

Suddenly, this all seemed awfully funny. None of us knew anything about the matter we were discussing. Joan, Humphrey, Bernard and I, all charged with a vital decision on a matter of government policy – and you couldn’t have found four people anywhere in the UK who understood less about it. I grinned, embarrassed, like a naughty schoolboy. ‘We ought to know something about inert compounds, oughtn’t we?

Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay, ‘The Greasy Pole’, in The Complete Yes Minister (BBC Books, 2003).

Why are their no local democracies in the West

Vote the Brexit Party

As we vote today please do not be persuaded by the propaganda dished out from a desperate vested interest political class, we must leave if we are to save Great Britain! 

The folly of Vince Cable over his the way he endorsed our ability to build and efficiently run Nuclear Power stations. Don't read this wrong my concern here is that it masks the lack of investment in our Science and Engineering skills, when politicians look at our situation through rose-tinted glasses just to big themselves up!

In April 2013 a government document was published with the title Nuclear Industrial Strategy – The UK’s Nuclear Future. It had a foreword signed by Vince Cable and Ed Davey, respectively the Secretary and Under-Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. According to them, ‘The UK was the first country successfully to develop, deliver and safely operate nuclear power stations… We can now look back on nearly 60 years of successful and, above all, safe exploitation of low-carbon nuclear power…’ 

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This goaded David Henderson into another of his pithy assessments: If a major policy initiative is based on a hopelessly distorted view of the past, this does not augur well. The above official assessment of the history of nuclear power in Britain is sheer fantasy. It is disturbing to reflect that the officials who drafted the text, as well as the two cabinet ministers who signed it, presumably believed it to be true.86
Dungeness B was our first commissioned plant commission in 1965, to be complete by 1970.  It took until 1983 to produce a single watt of power. Indeed, we went on to build more plants all of which were costly to run and maintain so much so, they were left out of our privatisation era. Eventually, in 1995 they were placed under the care of British Energy, later sold to EDF Électricité De France.

Ship Building 

It can be said here that the government turned a deaf ear to the plight of British Shipbuilding. Container ships built in the Far East were produced of equal quality to that of European ship yards, they were built with labour who were to work for a wage substantially less than a ship builder, who was already striking at every turn here in the UK. What the UK government failed to see was the opportunity that a shift in emphasis would bring ie. Build Cruise ships, our skilled carpenters, alongside other labour was in abundance at that time and could easily be deployed to the finishing of luxury liners. Bringing jobs to countless ancillary industries. 

In 2013 Sir John Parker, the former chief executive of Harland and Wolff, conceded that the industry had missed an opportunity, although admittedly he was looking back only as far as the Thatcher years: One of my big industrial disappointments … is that I failed to persuade the government of the day that there was a big future in building cruise ships. Whoever bought run-of-the-mill bulk carriers or tankers drifted to the lowest-cost country. So how you survived in higher-cost countries was by building more sophisticated ships like cruise ships. I saw that there was going to be a lot of growth in cruise ship building … and nearly twenty-five years on, these forecasts would have underestimated the demand.

German and Italian shipbuilders had made the same calculation much earlier and got it right. Today both nations have yards that build cruise vessels and private yachts for oil sheikhs, Russian oligarchs and the like, some of these ‘yachts’ being substantial ocean going ships.

‘The higher up decisions are made, the worse they are likely to be. The higher up money is spent, the more likely it is to be wasted.’ —SIR ANTONY JAY, co-writer of Yes, Minister

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Break the corrupt elites oppression vote the Brexit Party

Mrs MAY and the Conservatives have redressed the Matadors cape.

It used to be that red was the colour of rage, after all a bull fighter waves a red cloth hanging from a muleta. I think these days its clear the colour most associated with negativity is now Blue, a kind of Royal Blue. Don't get me wrong red is still up there but, what's prominent is now that blue is the colour most associated with rage. 

There is something quite calming when turquoise catches your eye. A fresh, airy colour ushering a new spring perhaps, the dawning of a new age. Given the mood of the people I'm sure soon homes will be painted turquoise, cars will come in turquoise with a metallic option. Turquoise bricks, turquoise roof tiles. I'm romanticising, but dream we must, indeed we need to heal, once, if ever we get through this ordeal. 

Mrs May genuinely believes that Parliament are swimming against the tide of people and that it is her that is swimming with the tide. She is absolutely right, Parliament are swimming against the people against their electorate, but they have done so discretely forever.  They've chosen the wrong subject in which to make it obvious. Parliament are swimming against the people but it should be noted Mrs May is in the wrong sea. 

Mrs May's speech: In the final words of Beethoven “Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est” applaude my friends the comedy is over. Sadly it was not to be. But I do feel it is the final act, as what else can she capitulate on! 

European Union Colonization and hope the Great British people do not notice

So it continues, we stay in, in name only, a colony of the dreaded European Union aligned by a failing project of regulation and bureaucracy. Soon our plight will be the same as Greece that bastion of philosophy, whose youth languish in the parks, on the beaches, sit on the steps of the acropolis, but it will be ok as the fat are getting fatter, and we are too stupid to know what we voted for. 

Perhaps I was deluded, perhaps I genuinely felt that she could see that the road for her had ended. That the curtain had finally closed on her act of comedy, but no, her head appeared through the folds of the deep velvet curtains just as the audience had breathed a sigh of relief and adjusted to a more relaxed position. She is to me like a reigniting candle she will not extinguish she just keeps bursting into flame. Her only goal now is to burn the house down and all that's inside. Keep the faith that all will be fine as the turquoise seas will wash in. They just can't come quick enough.

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George Soros, Bilderberg and the anti Brexit Donations

I'm confused, perhaps because I haven't researched enough but George Soros keeps donating to the overthrow of the British democratic vote. Headlines that read £400,000 given the fight to stop Brexit. Who is he giving this too? What is the money funding? Is this legal, for sure he can give money to who he likes but can that organisation then use these foreign funds to subvert the will of a sovereign nation? This whole setup of our government is completely corrupt it is rogue, overtly in self-preservation mode. It is here that the enquiries should be focussed, the goals and objectives of George Soros the man who is banned from visiting his homeland, the architect of the Bilderberg doctrine of which so many of our MPs are members, the list includes Prince Charles. 

We need to wake up and see that the playing field is not level. For we are at the point of a revolution, Mrs May look around you, you are alone, take stock and be mindful to the causes of revolutions. The most obvious being that of the French revolution for here the parallels are alarmingly similar: 

1. International: struggle for hegemony and Empire.
2. Political conflict: conflict between the Elite and the people.
3. The Enlightenment: impulse for reform intensifies political conflicts. 
4. Social antagonisms between two rising groups: the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie in our case the political self-serving elite verses the people. 
5. Ineffective ruler: Louis XVI / Theresa May!
6. Economic hardship, especially the agrarian crisis of 1788-89 generates popular discontent and disorder caused by food shortages.

We meet the criteria for a revolution Mrs May you should not ignore the warning signs.  

Nigel Farage our modern day Gandhi 

Nigel Farage is our modern day George Danton, unlike George Danton Nigel Farage has prepared for the state sponsored anarchy aligned against him, as is evident from the stupidity of Gordon Brown. A man who is always away swimming in the wrong seas!

Wake Up! Turquoise are our new Bastille colours, luckily for us all Nigel Farage has the attributes of a Gandhi the presence of a passive leader who  can extracate us from the elite oppression and he hovers in the middle ground.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Open Letter to Gordon Brown requesting Enquiries for:

Dear Gordon Brown

Very timely indeed your request to discover who is funding the Brexit Party. Of course it is not your intention to muddy the waters between now an the EU elections. I'm sure you wouldn't want to appear childish by interrupting the momentum of the Brexit party prior to these elections. All you have exposed by the involvement of the electoral commission 2 days prior to the election is a serious indication as the fear that is washing through Parliament. 

Sadly, you should know we are aware of your school boy bullying behaviour, your actions will only compound the convincing and welcome lead that the Brexit Party have. For this you should be patted on the back! 

It's a shame Mr Brown that you did not exercise due prudence when you relieved the UK vaults of its gold bullion.

Tony Blair Enquiries

As we are in the mood for enquiries can I suggest several other areas of enquiries that may assist us to better understand, thus removing tbe dark cloud that hangs over your era - namely:

  1. The question of his shredded expense claims. It would appear that on inspection of expense claims one Ministers documents had been shredded. That of Tony Blair.
  2. Tony Blair's expenses whilst in office as the Prime Minister, it is widely rumoured that he received considerable assistance with his household bills. 
  3. By far the most significant is that Tony Blair received £1M from an Israeli university rumoured for his war in Iraq. I admit this was masked as the Dan David prize and refers to his war in Kosova. To mention Iraq would be a pill to bitter to swallow, but let's not be silly here. 

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I think for sure you see where I'm coming from, to use a metaphor those that live in glass houses etc.. 

You can not destroy the peoples excitment nor its momentum and enthusiasm for the peoples Brexit party.

The British public are not at all stupid that you guys wish to portray us, indeed there is an immense awakening of the collective, this understanding previously it was only of individual constellations but now the stars are aligned, and they are focused on the malignant practices of self invested politicians. Do you think what appears a devious plan, will work to use your good offices to put down the mass'? No! For it is folly of you to try.

Mr Brown enjoy your old age, retirement. Don't rock the boat. Or, the lights will shine on you and your era. Take your cuneiform scriptures your Bilderberg teachings and plot your resurgence for the “one world order” for this period is that of the people. You have made a hash of it, although if we are to understand tbe Bilderberg teachings you will differ on the terminology as chaos is your intention but the order emerging is not of your making. Reserve your protestations for another era. 

The Death of David Kelly

Nigel Farage our modern Joshua his time has finally come.

The Brexit party have the message, it is not in support of the failing European project and Nigel Farage is the one man who can bring us back up. I like many, am proud to see the opportunities that the UK now have, without the handicap of chaos at every junction. It's a well known fact that your gang wish to achieve the three pillars of the world. For a while it looked possible but I fear you've met formidable opponents. 

I will leave on one note, I do hope Tony Blair offered some of his compensation for the Iraq war to the widow of David Kelly. In case you have a foggy memory he is the scientists who dismissed your claims of WMD in Iraq. But as an annoyance that he was, his death in a woodland in Oxfordshire was fortuitously timed. 

I think in your era Mr Brown there are many enquiries that should indeed take place. For it would appear that this period was the last of the so called big brother system.  

We should be mindful of the stupidity of Tony Blair’s bitter observation in 2006: “Co-operate in Europe and you betray Britain: be unreasonable in Europe, be praised back home, and be utterly without influence in Europe.” Look around: Alice Weidel AFd, Matteo Salvini Italy, Viktor Orban Hungary, Marine Le Pen. It is the European Union that soon will be utterly without influence.

I'll leave this here with an excerpt from Roger Bootle’s book: 

“Several leading Remain politicians are in the habit of waxing lyrical about the Single Market without adducing a shred of evidence that it has in fact been extremely beneficial. This group includes Nick Clegg, Kenneth Clarke, Sir John Major and Tony Blair. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, even seems to be prepared to break up the United Kingdom on the basis of the Single Market’s supposedly overwhelming importance to Scotland’s economy – again without evidence.”

Unsure of Nicola Sturgeon she seems somewhat misguided led by an emotional attachment to the “Braveheart era”, the rest are supposedly Bilderberg members. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

End poverty vote for Brexit

“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.” 

― Terence McKenna

Perception verses reality, are we aware of how wastefully our taxes are spent

An interesting quote from Mr McKenna ethnobotanist, a quote on consciousness which in many ways reflects the perception of our situation as it is today. But, in reality our crisis, our desperate situation could indeed be the product of too much consciousness. Interesting thought perhaps? But, let me explain. There is significant data out there that could require us to give thought, to consider what is real and what is actually perception. 

We all lead busy lives, most work in order to fulfil our ever growing needs, whilst sustaining a government that lavish wasteful plans, a casing point being the EU elections. Few of us have the bandwidth to question how we are governed nor why we, the collective we, take the decisions that we do. Such as: why do our hard-earned taxes go in aid to China and India? Why have we allowed so many migrants from countries outside of war torn areas to populate our cities and factories? Why do we take genuine refugees when Saudi take none? These are all questions that perplex us, but we have little time to consider the ramifications because we are the worker bees. Worker bees that must be kept in line. 

Matteo Salvini, Alice Weidel, Viktor Orban, Marine Le Pen.

The Daily Telegraph today has run an interesting story; “How Matteo Salvini’s alliance of European nationalists plan to tear apart the fabric of the EU”. Well isn't that what Cameron tried to do and failed in that endeavour. They may have wished they'd entertained him now, but that would have undermined Soros grand plan.

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I quote from the Telegraph: “The people gathered here are not from the far-right. The extremists are those that have governed Europe for the last twenty years”.  – Italian Prime Minister.

“Who betrayed Europe, the dream of our founding fathers, De Gaulle, De Gasperi? It was the Merkels, the Macrons, the Soros, the Junckers who built the Europe of big finance and uncontrolled migration!”

George Soros and the Bilderberg connection

This there is no doubt the EU is a protectionists racket that has travelled too far. But, Soros why does Soros' name keep cropping up, time and time again? Soros' and Blair, Soros funds the EU projects, Soros the face of Globalization, Soros view on this and that. It's an interesting take, Soros appears to be the protagonists behind much that is wrong with society. He may well be focusing on the economics, the financial well-being, he may well believe that big corporations need a competitive workforce and to achieve this the gates need to be opened and floods of migrants swarm in to competitively undercut the incumbent inhabitants. He cares not one jot for culture, for a way of life, for a sense of belonging that makes for a cohesive society.

What he has failed to see or even care for is this:

  1. The EU is a protectionist racket that subsidizes its farmers by laying tariffs on food products, up to as much as 50% on Dairy products. 
  2. Taxes are at 20% for VAT. 
  3. Taxes on fuel etc.
  4. Closed shops

What I am saying here, at no time does he consider the rules in which we are governed and how they impact the indigenous population. Sure the factories have their cheap labour. But, at what cost to the British public, I suspect this is the same across the European Union, we are squeezed from all directions. Jobs are now low paid, yet food, clothing, bills remain high. Closed shops are formed ie. A Sainsbury’s distribution centre in the midlands where only the polish are employed, not deliberately just how its has evolved through fair means or foul. Taxi ranks up and down the country where only Pakistani can ply their trade.

If Soros is truly behind all of this then what is his goal? 

I made a big point over the last few days as to the Bilderberg club of which many of our leaders, royalty, industrialist, named elite through wealth are part and parcel of. Queen Beatrix Netherlands, Mark Rutte PM Holland, Cameron ex PM UK, Prince Charles, Ken Clarke, Amber Rudd, John Major, Margaret Thatcher the list is long, too long to name here but if you refer to my related articles I have posted a link.

The Bilderberg club

The Bilderberg club has been around since May 1954. Original purpose to foster good relations between America and Europe. But today is it something more sinister? or is it just a club to make even more money, off the backs of the ordinary folk across Europe. Either way this has to change! We are fortunate as we have a new wave of leaders emerging, these individuals to change this are: Trump in America, for sure his enemies are well funded, Matteo Salvini Italy's PM, Alice Wiedel AFD Germany, Marine Le Pen France (incidentally Macron is a Bilderberg) Geert Wilders Holland, let's not forget Nigel Farage the chief saviour of the ordinary folk of Great Britain.  

However, here comes the dilemma, this alliance must be formed throughout Europe, but for Nigel to be part of it then he will indeed fall foul of perception. Perception will paint him far right. Just as perception paints Trump far right, when reality shows both are left of the middle, supportive of us mere mortals. 

We have to wake up and see what is going on here, few have good arguments to remain in the club of elitism, capitalists, indeed Ken Clarke floundered on Andrew Neil. Hence, why there are so many bad names for brexiteers, they, the remainers have no argument left, if they had one at all.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Trumps and Brexit troubles are due to the absence of illuminati credentials

The Illuminati, Blair and The European Project.

Yesterday I covered a subject in regard to the illuminati, this is a subject which should concern us all.  Having opened this Pandora’s box and seen the complex scriptures that it holds I've rummaged somewhat deeper and discovered a spiders web of links between Blair, Bush and Clinton. I do not mean professional links through the good offices of the then Prime Minister and successive Presidents of the USA. I mean secret links that pre-date such encounters on the World stage.

To begin on a topic I knew little about, sure I have heard of the illuminati and of course freemasonry both of which I have taken with a grain of salt. However, another group has come to light, it was only by delving into this group that the links all begin to form. 

The Bilderberg Club,

The Bilderberg club again a secret society and again with its roots deep with the rich and powerful. But this club does not standalone it's aligned with the illuminati and Skull and Bones, running in parallel with the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

Sitting behind all this is the house of Rothschild wealth, purported to be US$500 trillion. The house of Rothschild is documented as the guardians of the Vatican treasury.  There begins the links to the secret society of which we are all manipulated by.

Where does Blair fit into all of this? Blair was an attendee of the Bilderberg group in 1993. One year prior to taking the leadership of the labour party and subsequent Prime Ministership of the United Kingdom. Be aware Clinton was also an attendee in 1991 one year prior to running for president. So where do the links form with George W Bush? It is reported that Blair is a 33rd degree member, grandmaster no less of the Studholm Masonic Lodge.  He is also alleged to be a Sovereign Knight of Malta. These are all office way above that of the ordinary Masonic groups, a secret society within a society of secrets.  Here comes the connection with Bush. Bush, it is alleged, a past Sovereign Knight of Eulogia as well as a high ranking member of the Skull and Bones Yale Secret Society.

It is all clear from the eminent list of members.

Let's take a step back and consider Brexit for a while. By far the biggest protagonist advocating remain are: David Cameron, Tony Blair, John Major (known as the Bilderberg poodle), Ken Clarke, Ed Balls through his wife Yvette Cooper, Peter Mandelson, George Osborne, David Owen, Paddy Ashdown, Gordon Brown, Look to France and the Macron, Blair alliance, Merkel in Germany, Mark Rutte Netherlands. What do they all have in common? They are members of the Bilderberg, advocates of the one world government. Aligned to the Vatican perhaps! 

Tony Blair has broken with an age-old tradition of not interfering in the affairs of his successor, yet here he is undermining the UK prime Minster at every opportunity, he is undermining democracy, he is demeaning the leader of his own party. Is he doing this off his own back? I think not!

Now here’s another twist, we have all been led to believe Mark Rutte is Theresa Mays champion and friend, but from what I have seen he is anything but! Why? Well of course he is a Bilderberg member. However, that is not the complete picture. Look to the attendees of the last Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa June 8th to the 10th Brook street Hotel Ottawa, Canada. Such power, the event held a cordon was established 1km from the hotel. Even the police were not allowed access past the private security which surrounded the attendees. However, I digress attendees included : David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission and former chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank; Frank McKenna, former Premier of New Brunswick and ex-ambassador to the U.S.; Gordon Nixon, President and CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada; second row: James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank; Richard Perle, assistant secretary of defence to U.S. President Reagan and advisor of present President Bush; Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

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  • George Soros Bilderberg membership and "one world government" protagonist

The founder Joseph Rettinger, a 33rd degree mason himself enlisted the support of Prince Bernard of Holland as a form of poster boy. 

Now you see why Brexit can not happen without the populous understanding the game at play here. Nigel Farage may well have grassroots support, but an upset will come from an unlevelled playing field. Our one hope is that Donald Trump broke the mould in the US, then we can here. But the dirty games will not end there, just as they haven't ended in the US.  Trump needs to keep his guard up.

Their list of achievements a stunning testimony to the evil at play:

Bilderberg made the decision to establish relations with China before President Nixon made it public.

Bilderberg started to, as they referred to it “softening up” the world governments by increasing the price of oil 350% This was decided in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden 1973, purpose, to create economic chaos.

It is reasoned that the Bilderberg orchestrated the fall of Margaret Thatcher due to her staunch opposition to the passing of sovereign powers, beneficiary John Major who went on and sold us out through the Lisbon treaty. 

“The Bilderberg-orchestrated decision of getting rid of Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister, because she opposed the wilful hand-over of British sovereignty to the European Super State designed by the Bilderbergers. And incredulously, we all watched as her own party sold her out in favour of the Bilderberg poodle — John Major.”

The New World Order A Town Near You If Tony Blair, George Soros Succeed In Ending Brexit

Tony Blair and the illuminati

"By this plan we shall direct all mankind . In this manner, and by the simplest means, we shall set in motion and in flames. The occupations must be allotted and contrived, that we may in secret , influence all political transactions ... I have considered everything and so prepared it, that if the Order should this day go to ruin, I shall in a year re-establish it more brilliant than ever." 

-Adam Weishaupt, mastermind of the Illuminati

The birth of the illuminati known more colloquially amongst freemasonry circles as the 33rd degree, the date known May 1st, 1776. This day was chosen due to it being the occult holiday date, Beltane. Beltane is the New Year and referenced as the unholiest of days, perfect for satanic rituals.  As an interesting fact, this is the day the communists chose as their Mayday, honouring the founders of communism alongside the illuminati.  It is considered the illuminati are the planners, funders and implementers of Communism a "One World Order".

Occultist Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811), was Professor of Canon (Vatican) Law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria, born the son of a Rabbi, naturally of Jewish birth. In the wake of his fathers death Weishaupt converted to Catholism. From here the illuminati begins to form along with the darkening of Catholisism.

“. . . it was this same remembrance, preserved, or perhaps profaned in the celebrated Order of the Templars, that became for all the secret associations, of the Rose-Croix, of the Illuminati, and of the Hermetic Freemasons, the reason of their strange rites, of their signs . . . and, above all, of their mutual devotedness and of their power.”

-Albert Pike, 33rd degree Freemason “prophet”, from his book ‘Morals and Dogma’

Today the illuminati have evolved, however, their practise equally defined but, the "One World Order" takes a softer tone, the intent is the same, Globalization. Globalization is the chariot on which the “One World Order” will arrive! 

For this is the reason, Blair, Soros push this divisive agenda in order, to build a Super state a state of Global and perhaps biblical proportions. The people matter not one bit within all of this, this agenda must be fulfilled by the descendants of the illuminati must action the rituals, rules and goals as laid down in their ancient scriptures. Which, for reference includes the culling of man. 

Power, wealth, control and superiority resonates throughout their doctrine. It is by no coincidence that Blair converted to Catholicism perhaps. A man of War, death, yet he proclaims himself the UN peace envoy for the Middle East, a man who is in part responsible for the turmoil we see today. 

For reference, it is of documented historic significance that the Illuminati figures strongly across the Bush family heritage, albeit the Bush doctrine follows yet another secret society; known as Skull and Bones founded 1832 and restricted to the grounds of the Yale campus. It is considered that the US do not elect their leaders, for they are groomed years in advance: it is alleged, Kerry, Clinton, Bob Dole, Al Gore are all 33rd degree masons and followers of the great plan. Whilst the Bush's carry equal importance, albeit competing but in the grand order of things they are equal.

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Where does Blair fit into all of this, simply put, a foot soldier perhaps, a mouth piece for the global culling of man.  However, there is a hiccup in the Great plan, namely Donald Trump, hopefully Nigel Farage, Alice Wiedel, Matteo Salvini alongside Miss Le Pen. Collectively they may throw a spanner in the works, my guess it will only temporarily halt the machinery that's  in motion.

This plan must be thwarted. Far-fetched or not, how does one rationalise Blair and Soros conspiring the down fall of the United Kingdom. For them it is the road to a greater World Order perhaps, arrival in some distant century, but hell, the plan is already 250 years in progress. Maybe its origins coincide with the Barcelona La Sagrada Famile foundation.

Food for thought but Blair and Soros must have an objective here! 

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Brexit, Frexit, Nexit and Dexit the new European Union disenfranchised band.

Brexit, Frexit, Dexit & Nexit the new kids on the block.

There's a new pop group coming to a town near you, it's not a boy band nor a girl band but it is a Millennial band of some significance. Four members more may soon join, the lead singer is Brexit on drums is Dexit, Base Nexit, synthesizer Frexit, guest appearances Italexit for sure.

The elite, and I include the BBC in this would have us believe all is rosy in the European Union garden, when in reality it is far from it.  The aspiration of a stable environment on which the EU was founded, to prevent fascism from ever rising across the European Union again. Just look to the many factions, behaviours across Europe today. We have the AFd emerging in Germany, from nowhere to 96 seats in the Bundestag. The far right in Italy, Viktor Orban in Hungary, we can see the behaviours of Spain during the brutal put down of Catalonia. Enhanced more brutally across all regions of France with the vile attacks by the authorities on the Gilets Jaunes, yellow vests.

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Fascism grows in Donald Tusk's European Union.

Fascism lives perfectly well under the watchful eye of Donald Tusk's Europe. But still the European Union plough on with their ideological policies in the hope that one day their project will come of age. Perhaps they're right in 100 years or so there will indeed be a cohesive Europe a type of utopia. But that utopia will come in the form depicted in the film “Giver 2014”.  Creativity will have ceased, our bodies will excrete plastic molecules, our seas rancid with dead fish, dieing of mercury, and arsenic pollution caused by the money men and women.  But the European project will continue, why because it will have abandoned its very founding principles to prevent fascism. It will have developed armies to keep its citizens in check, what you see in France, Spain together with their brutal practises this will roll out across Europe. God help us all!

Millennials have emerged and the European Union is not their preference.

Have you noticed how the elites have now stopped parading Brexit as an old person selfish dream, a desire from the walking dead so to speak. How they espoused numbers that have since died and the young should now be given a vote. Why is this? This is simple the young across the European Union have suffered more than most, they make up the highest unemployed in many countries, they are truly the forgotten people.  A decade after the global financial crisis, the EU’s have a continuing high youth unemployment rate of 16.7%, with figures as high as 35%, 38.7%, and 43.3% in Italy, Spain and Greece?

France has seen a lurch to the right with Marine Le Pen picking up substantial members from what is the Millennial category. 

"The failure of the right to do something and the failure of the left to change anything makes Marine Le Pen the person who represents change" Sebastian Faustini 18 year old Marine Le Pen activist.

For sure Macron's day's are numbered there's a new kid on the block in the shape of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen smiles demurely as she claims the EU policies are threatening France’s millennial culture, whole communities are in the grip of extremism and criminality.

The Face of the future for France Marion Maráchal-Le Pen.

Petite 27 year old girl, blonde hair tied into a ponytail, she looks like an ordinary young French working mother, the sort of elegantly efficient woman with whom you might organize a school run. This is the face of France today a Millennial culture bent on changing the playing field removing the disruptive authoritarianism emanating from the European Union dictatorship.

Germany, by all accounts a beneficiary of the Euro as German enterprise mopped up Europe's currency. Greedy as they are they sat on the funds invested little in Europe, suppressed their employees with low wages. In 10 years from 2008 Finland's salaries increased over 32% German salaries around 14%. To compound the issue the doors have been flung open to the Arab and Pakistan world communities, enticing a German life of riches and prosperity, why? For cheap labour! Dexit for sure is a goal of the people, disenfranchised by big business underpinned by an authoritarian European dictatorship. A German public for sure would be concerned by black clad European police in full combat gear sweeping across their streets as we move through this Millennium. 

The policies followed by the EU, the ideology adopted have disenfranchised whole communities, whole demographics across the European member states. Look to Greece 43% unemployed below the age of 25. Spain, Italy, Portugal soon to follow France all have a high unemployment in this demographic. The European Union is a club for the rich and powerful whose mouthpiece is Blair, Soros and the bully boys of the EU.

The only reason there is no Grexit is because they are saddled with Euro debt, and we better hope there is no Grexit whereby they leave the Euro for their default would rock the economies of the world. For now the young they have no hope, can only leave Greece in the hope of a better time outside but, they will meet stiff competition as the EU have found a cheaper source to keep their factories going and their wallets full.

Mikael Gorbachev, Mark his Words perhaps one of the last great statesmen.

It was Mikael Gorbachev who said “The European Union is the Soviet Union in western clothes”.

We will rue the day if May and her gang of inadequate vested MPs thwart the “Will of the People”.

My money is on: 

Nigel Farage, Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini, Marion Maráchal-Le Pen, Alice Weidel. For it is they that will restore our freedom, removing the threat of state tyranny, that would be a club worth joining. Sadly though with our structure as time moves on, money will again talk and this period will need yet another visit.

Monday, May 13, 2019

The BBC through the ages have demonstrated themselves as immoral

BBC Bias And Morales, they should be brought to book.

On Sunday, to revisit this is perhaps irritating, but, I have thought this through a little more. I have a question; Is the BBC a force for good in our life and have they ever been? For sure David Attenborough a remarkable man by all accounts, there is no doubt our lives have been enriched by such works of knowledge and enlightenment. Given the BBC interview with Nigel Farage on Sunday and their need to drag up the past, distort the events and contextualize wrongly in order to demean the Brexit Party.  Given that the BBC have no interest in covering anything Brexit Party. It caused me to consider the value of BBC in our lives. 

Since a child I have been weaned so to speak on the BBC, Watch with Mother, Blue Peter. But, one series comes to mind, of course it is that of Captain Pugwash, Master Mates etc. By all accounts they have disgusting connotations, perhaps spin by the now defunct daily correspondent who frequently lambasted the BBC for such terminology. The BBC responded winning a lawsuit against the correspondent. But of course were the BBC negligent in their use of such innuendo, particularly during an age of sexual misconduct aimed at children. Then of course we had the Jimmy Saville era. Clearly under the protection of Auntie! One wonders just how low the BBC can stoop. 

European Union funding of the BBC.

We have the Early Day Motion 791 tabled in the house of commons January 2008, which clearly states that the BBC are; the paid voice of the European Union. We know over just a five-year period they, the BBC received £266M in soft loans, donations, from the EU. One is to wonder, do we indeed have a British Institution whose actionable values are not inline with ours, who even ignore their own published values, a kind of published manifesto!

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Are we consumed by a P.G Wodehouse vision of Great Britain.

On to Brexit waste no more time on the morals or lack of in the BBC.

Some would argue that us brexiteers see the world through rose-tinted glasses that we favour an era such as those referred in the words of PG Wodehouse.

“There’s something about evening service in a country church that makes a fellow feel drowsy and peaceful. Sort of end-of-a-perfect-day feeling. … They had left the door open, and the air was full of a mixed scent of trees and honeysuckle and mildew and villagers’ Sunday clothes. As far as the eye could reach you could see farmers propped up in restful attitudes, breathing heavily; and the children in the congregation who had fidgeted during the earlier part of the proceedings were now lying back in a surfeited sort of coma. The last rays of the setting sun shone through the stained-glass windows, birds were twittering in the trees, the women’s dresses crackled gently in the stillness.”

They would argue that to hark back to such an era is folly as such times were more of hardship and suffering, which of course is true. But the era is different the opportunity is different. The European Union is failing and to stay within its confines we are destined to miss the opportunities that the world offers. Look to the Mediterranean, look to the youth unemployed, Greece the home of the world’s greatest philosophers, explorers long before Europe woke up, were trading with Asia 500 years BC. They are doomed by the European project! France destined to join its neighbours to the south, it can not improve productivity, values rigidly held by dissenting violent protesters. Quelled with equal vigour, violent actions by Macron's army will be France's undoing. Yet all the time 9% of all subsidies go to the French Farmers. Tariffs are loaded on the consumer, up to and as much as 50% on Dairy Products. Tariffs that we the British consumer pay to support the wasteful productivity of French farmers.

Some would have you believe that it is us who are responsible for our industrial decline, that we hanker after a romantic era of green and pleasant lands. Mortified by the destruction that our industrial towns wrecked on our lives as is encapsulated through the verses of the “Last Night At The Proms; Dark Satanic Mills vs Green and Peasant Land.”

Utter poppycock our industrial heartlands have suffered through a lack of investment by successive governments. Our investment pales next to that of even Germany, we languish at 50% of the global average*. Our productivity shows little improvement the reason being services benefit little from technology advances. We must as a matter of urgency revitalize our industrial heartlands.  

*Data collected from the IMF book of statistics. 

In the early 70s one third of our GDP came through manufacturing, today it is less than 10%, this is not healthy and makes for a disenfranchised electorate. 

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The Blair and Brown Era.

Consider this as reported by the biased BBC May 10th, 07.

“Under Messrs Blair and Brown together, Britain has allowed itself to become the most global large economy in the world: We have allowed our companies to be bought up by foreigners, our manufacturing has been allowed to move off-shore, we have been a more vociferous champion of free trade than our large trading partners. And above all, perhaps the biggest single economic decision of the Blair government's period in office, we have allowed foreign labour to migrate here more freely than most of our counterparts.”  

The results of such folly.

The effects were deliberate and inline with Blair's personal ambitions perhaps; But, the results were negative, for sure at the end of the Blair Brown era the economy was very different to that of the one they inherited, but it had bust!

Business and financial services become our dominant industries, manufacturing shrunk in relative terms at an alarming rate (from 21% of our economy in 1997, to less than 10% today).

All the time our population grew approx. four per cent. Not since the post-war years have we seen a population growth on that magnitude. The burden on our services is acute, a price we now all have to pay. In order to stand  still on a year in year out basis we sell assets. 

The UK needs a Donald Trump character. Put the Great back into Britain.

If ever we need a Trump now is it! Since we decided to leave the EU we have enjoyed the best influx of Foreign investment of any country save that of China, to add, many EU companies have brought their money to invest in the UK. They are looking to the future and better times. Yet we allow our vested political class to hamstring us. 

I do hope you enjoy my notes as much as I enjoy penning them, please like, share or comment as appropriate it helps to inspire me for future post, this is a pure hobby. 

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