Friday, April 19, 2019

The Many Faces Of Brexit Skulduggery

The Face of the Brexit European Union Skulduggery Comes In Many Forms 

Listen to the people, this is not going away passions are running high. Not necessarily because you are ignoring us, more because you are treating us as stupid. Add to this the argument coming from remain in the European Union camp, it is quite abusive.

To refer to us as Xenophobic, working class, low paid, low educated is really quite absurd. Many affluent regions of the UK voted out, many Asians voted out, so you see such labels are quite ridiculous. Why do we have seperate Brexit meetings in the European Union by those who have no interest other than themselves and have no role in Government and do not represent the people. This is self serving tyranny in its basic form intent on overturning Brexit.

This Is Why Brexit European Union Skulduggery Will Not Work

The issue here is; it was drummed home during the referendum campaign that this vote would be honoured, a once in a lifetime vote, there will be no second brexit vote, leave means leave.  So why three years later are we still talking about this? Why are we now pushing for a second brexit referendum? To prevaricate like this, it is adding to the divisions in our society.  I'm sorry to say remain have lost the argument as the economy has powered on throughout this muddle, Investment surpasses all, bar China and has done so since the vote.  Indeed, better still the European Union corporate's have also piled money into the UK seeking better times outside of the extreme regulation framework of the European Union. All of this makes the tyrannical individuals appear more self-serving. 

Ironically, we talk of Foreign corporations investing in the UK to gain access to the European Union. As we have seen, this is not the case as investment has been stellar, but, what we are seeing is investment from the EU looking to the UK to focus on the wider world. If the remainers could look to the future and believe in Great Britain then we indeed have a good chance of a better future. A better future already being factored in by the way smart money is moving to our shores. If we allow the Brexit tyrants to scupper this opportunity then we are doomed to the fate of an already declining Europe within the eurozone.

The Poor Results Due To European Union Skulduggery Can Be Seen 

The European Union with the straight jacket of the ideological skulduggery known as the Euro have devastated the Mediterranean countries, to the point that the young no longer have hope. Is this what we want for the UK? No it is not. France is not immune from this malaise their economy has performed poorly since 2008, at half the pace of the UK and a third of the US.  The best performing economy since 2008 has been Germany which has still waded in at a level significantly lower than the UK.

Mrs May must not get her way, we must never agree her treaty, we must never agree to be subservient to the EU. If they wish to play hard ball then so be it, their growth is poor even with the major parts going into recession. 

The forecasts heading out 10 years show the Eurozone a mere 10% of worldwide GDP, source PWC. PWC predict that this is Asia's century indeed the top 5 economies only 1 western economy will appear, the USA at number 2, the rest Asia. Even the UK is predicted to pass Germany as the largest economy.

Have faith Leave we must! The EU must change if individuals are to have hope, the EU must emerge as champions for the people not the elite, nor the corporations. The next leader must work for the people, Tyrannical Blair is not that person!

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